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Minding Madness

a co-devised verbatim play about childhood trauma, burden and struggle.

Thank you for an amazing masterpiece

Audience Member

Conceived by Joy Roberts

Writing: Joy Roberts

Directing: Corinna Galliano

Co-devising: Abi DS, Achala Green, Amanda King, Anastasia Kyriakidis, Andrew Vial, Chris, Cristine Huynh, Cormac Costello, Debra Bryan, Ilenia Piovesan, Jackie, Jen Davidson, Kerry, Lathalia Song, Melissa Gole, Olga Olshansky, Sharon Denovon, simone, Sky Inacio, Stephen Carnell, Susie.

Performed at Giant Dwarf, October 2018

Associations: Beautiful minds, COPMI NSW, Mental health Carers NSW

Absolutely incredible!

Audience Member

Both profoundly moving and disquieting

Catherine Skipper, 

South Sydney Herold

Rhymes with Silence

a collection of plays about domestic violence

I was moved to see what a great force for change theatre can be...a profound experience...

Lisa Thatcher 

Conceived by Vee Malnar and Glenn Groves

Writing: Alex Broun, Jane Cafarella, Joy Roberts, Kate Rotherham, Loueen Winters, Natalie Banach, Pete Malicki, Suzy Wilds, Vee Malnar. 

Artistic Director: Joy Roberts. Directing: Chrissy deSilva, Garreth Cruikshank, Geln Pean, Glenn Groves, Kaye Lopez, Lisa Eismen, Margaret Barnaby, Natasha McDonald, Uma Kali Shakti, Vee Malnar and Wayne Mitchell.

Performed at Project 107, May 2015 

Performed at White Ribbon Gala, ICMS, November 2016 

Associations: Women's Legal Services, DVNSW, endorsed by Australian of the year 2015, Ms Rosie Batty

it's not just important work, it's good theatre

Judith Greenaway,



A collection of plays about motherhood; the good the bad and the ugly.

Conceived by Joy Roberts

Writing: Chantal Harrison, Gillian Brennan, Julie Danilis, Kate Rotherham, Kate Toon, Kathryn Yuen, Michelle Wood, Neda, Peter Shelley, Serena Kirby, Vee Malnar

Artistic Director: Joy Roberts. Directing: Cheryl Pomering, Erin Gordon, Glen Pead, Kaye Lopez.  

Performed at Roxbury Hotel, May 2014 

Performed at Tap Gallery, May 2014

Associations: Gidget Foundation, Mamapalooza, Actors Anonymous

The audience were notably moved by this great show 

Bronwyn Fullerton, SydneyArtsGuide

Life through a lens

a co-devised Christmas tale

Conceived by Joy Roberts

Writing and Directing: Joy Roberts

Co-devising: Members and volunteers at Edward Wilson House, Battersea.

Performed at Theatre 503, December 2009


society in the eye of madness; grass roots co-devised play

Conceived by Joy Roberts

Writing: Joy Roberts

Directing: Nikki Chowen

Co-devising: participants of the open-up and act theatre project.

Performed at Arcola Theatre, May 2009 

Performed at MIND UK annual conference, November 2009

Associations: Time-to-change, NHS, MIND UK

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