Improvising Change


Improvising Change was founded in 2009, by Joy Roberts. Back then it had a different name but the aim has always been the same: Using theatre as a tool for communicating social relevant topics. 

Through fun and play, we have developed theatrical events; surfacing stories that may usually be untold. We believe theatre can offer a meaningful stage to hidden or silenced voices, and bring them into public awareness.

Amongst our productions we have staged insightful plays about: Mental Illness, Motherhood and Domestic Violence.

There have been over 100 artists involved in our projects so far, including; writers, directors, actors, tech operators and more.


We are currently in the process of devising an exciting new verbatim theatre project exploring issues around the experience of children of parents with a Mental Illness.

If you are 18+ and as a child experienced having a parent with a mental illness, you can join our creative ensemble for a series of 4 collaborative theatre making workshops, where we will be turning true stories into theatre!

If you wish to get involved in any way - please contact 0468843817